Saturday, January 28, 2012


A few years ago the predominant way for CSI members and others in the AEC industry to express themselves in writing professionally, and reach a national audience, was to write articles for industry magazines and newsletters. It wasn’t easy to get published in magazines.  Your message had to fit into the magazine’s overall editorial focus. And it took months for an article to progress from the draft stage all the way to its appearance in a hard-copy magazine.

All that’s changed now. The Internet has eliminated the magazine monopoly on expression by making it easy to get one’s message directly out to the industry by establishing and writing a blog. Lots of interesting, experienced, well-informed AEC industry specialists have jumped into blogging.

Here are just a few CSI member blogs. Some write about CSI governance and the CSI experience; others write about their areas of consulting or construction expertise.

Some write frequently; others only occasionally. 

Some appeal mainly to CSI members; others have achieved a much wider audience.

All accommodate, and usually publish and respond to, reader comments, enabling great dialog. If you haven’t already discovered their blogs, I urge you to check them out.  
Come to think of it, why not share your expertise with the AEC industry by starting a blog?

Tap into your inner writer and join the club. Your fellow bloggers will engage with you, and help you promote your message by spreading links to your blog around the Internet like the proverbial Johnny Appleseed.


  1. Wow, I'm honored to be on this list, but Felt Tips is a blog for the Baltimore Chapter of CSI, not just me! We have several members who have contributed content and I am always trying to recruit more! Thanks for the mention and keep reading!

  2. Will do, Marvin. Please keep writing. We've all got great stories to tell.

  3. Addendum No. 1 to this post: Sarah@BNIM @Archathome writes " I do a mixed blog at" I checked it out and i'ts very pertinent, very well written, and well worth following. Thanks @Archathome. I'll add your blog to my blog list.