Saturday, February 4, 2012


This week I started reading Finith Jernigan’s new book Makers of the Environment - Building Resilience into the Environment One Model at a Time .

I’m not far enough into the book yet to say much about it’s premise, but the book already introduced me to something new: Microsoft Tags.  Tags printed in the book are part of the author’s goal to “...make this book an information model itself...”

Surprisingly none of my friends, online or offline, had heard of Microsoft Tags either.

Finith Jernigan says that Microsoft Tags “...establish direct links to more information and let one embed information into a printed book. Think of them as a glossary on steroids.”

Microsoft Tags seem to act like the QR codes that are now appearing frequently in print ads for construction products.  Once you download the free Microsoft Tags app, you can use your smartphone to access the links in the book. Once in the Microsoft Tags app, you simply point your camera phone at the tag. The app takes you directly to the link.

Check out the website for the book at

If you’re an Android phone user, go to the Android Market to download the free app for your phone. The Apple App Store has it too.

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